At Bingbox Snow Cream Co., we represent an innovative take on modern Korean shaved ice (bingsu), revolutionizing it by infusing flavors into the snow itself, offering a unique ice base of mango, matcha, chocolate, and other distinctive tastes.

Using only quality ingredients, our snow cream is a healthier, lighter alternative to traditional ice cream or frozen yogurt, resulting in the finest and purest snowflakes. Our unique flavor mixtures and combining with state-of-the-art instant freeze technology means you won't find another dessert like Bingbox anywhere else!

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Business Strategy

Well made brand that team composed of: designer, branding analyst, and dessert chef. bing box R&D team develops the menu every seasons to increase the sales revenue and offers great menus to the customers. We also bring the new dining revolution through professional, high quality, diversity, and unique products. We research raw ingredients that were not in existing dessert market. We bring great tasty ingredients from the worldwide not known in domestic market and test those ingredients in R&D lab and create new sensuous desserts.




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